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MARKETING RESEARCH - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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❶When you come to give them the answers in person, they will naturally be interested in what you have to say.

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With all these tips in mind, there is a basic reminder all presenters should remember: Doing market research allows you to become more aware and knowledgeable in your industry, which in turn gives you the information to know what might be best for your organization. Sharing this information with others only spreads knowledge. Our goal is to help you better understand your customer, market, and competition in order to help drive your business growth.

Preparing for your Market Research Presentation: Create an outline of the things you know you must say during your presentation. As with market research reports, your presentation should include an executive summary to explain why the research was done, what was found, what the findings mean, and what management should now do. Within your own company, those who paid for your research are going to be looking for a result. Present graphs or charts with important numbers and findings.

Remember, not every data set needs a graph, but do emphasize the information that is going to be needed to encourage a change or action. Visuals are extremely useful to communicate results if they are designed appropriately. No matter what your presentation is on, have a conclusion. What are you going to do now that you have this information from your research? Have an idea that you can present in order to show others that you were able to find a solution through obtaining data on the market.

Just make sure to do exactly that and follow-up! Sometimes your laptop crashes at the worst possible moment. When you come to give them the answers in person, they will naturally be interested in what you have to say. They will also be rooting for your presentation to be successful.

Nobody wants to sit through a bad presentation, so they would like it to be engaging and to have everything go off smoothly. Remembering that simple fact goes a long way toward overcoming the jitters and maintaining confidence in front of a group. Interested in how market research can help your business? Here are the five basic tips provided by the author regarding data presentations: Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Research takes time and costs money. Marketing research is not always needed. The information is already available. Decisions must be made now. We cant afford research. Costs outweigh the value of marketing research. If the problem is incorrectly defined, all else is wasted effort. Problems may be either specific or general. Research objectives state what the researchers must do.

Descriptive Research refers to a set of methods and procedures describing marketing variables. Causal Research experiments allows isolation of causes and effects. Three main choices for primary data Have a person ask questions Use computer assisted or direct questioning Allow respondents to answer questions themselves without computer assistance 19 Step 7 Design Data Collection Forms Questionnaire must be worded objectively, clearly, and without bias in order to communicate with respondents.

Software programs are available to assist marketing researchers in preparing forms. Sample size refers to determining how many elements of the population should be included in the sample.

Nonsampling errors may occur during data collection. Its importance cannot be overstated because it is the report, or its presentation, that properly communicates the results to the client. These formula can be found in other books, though. Identify What Test To Use If you are testing a hypothesis like, Patrick believes the average amount of money people expect to pay for an entree is 18 , then use the One Sample T Test approach and test if the sample mean is different enough from Patricks hypothesis.

If you are testing for differences between how TWO different groups answer a question like if males gave different answers than females , then use the Independent Sample T Test. If they are, use the Duncan test to see what groups differ. Just because there is a statistically sig. It has to also be managerially significant. If variables are nominal, use cross tabs and the Chi Square. If variables are metric, use correlations and Pearsons r.

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This template is a way to communicate the results and recommendations of your research in a PowerPoint presentation. The eights steps include: executive summary, background, problem definition, methodology, results, analysis, conclusion, and recommendations.

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Market research allows organizations to get a better and deeper understanding of the market that surrounds their products so they can adjust their strategies accordingly. Even with the difficulties that market research can create, the hardest part isn’t until the end of .

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Online Research• Online research: the use of computer networks, including the Internet, to assist in any phase of the marketing research process including development of the problem, research design, data gathering, analysis, and report writing and distribution 4. 5 key steps in Marketing Research1. Define the Problem2. Collect the Data3. Market Intelligence Provider, Market Research Market Size - Ken Research - In the recent years, new trends in market research industry have been witnessed such as mobile research, big data, wearable technology, personalization, and global market research. However, we can see a significant impact on the market research industry along with the other notable trends such as big data that will continue into .

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This Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation will help you document all aspects of your study in order to be presented to an audience. This template considers the following aspects of the market research process: Executive Summary, Background, Problem Definition, Methodology, Results, Analysis, Conclusion and Recommendations. Free Market Research PowerPoint Template Advertisement Free Market Research PowerPoint Template is a free market research PowerPoint presentation template with a colorful pie chart in the master slide/5(37).