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The Pigman Summary

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❶John beats Norton up in retaliation. Responsibility or lack of responsibility is seen in The Pigman when John and Lorraine take responsibility for their lies, when John and Lorraine throw a wild party at Mr.

by Paul Zindel

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Essay title: Character Analysis of Lorraine from the Pigman
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After hesitantly accepting "The Pigman's" offer of going to the zoo, a friendship begins to blossom between the three of them. He begins to take on the role of a parental figure for the two teenagers, something neither of them have.

John and Lorraine's visits become increasingly frequent, and during one such visit they discover a document inside his room. After reading it, they realize The Pigman has been lying about where his wife has been. His wife, Conchetta, is dead, instead of being on vacation as The Pigman has stated numerous times.

Soon, John and Lorraine visit The Pigman daily after school, and he showers them with gifts, food, and most importantly, the love and attention they do not receive in their own joyless homes. They reveal to him that they were never affiliated with any charity, and he reveals what they already know: Pignati gives each of the two a pair of roller skates. Getting a pair for himself also, the three of them could not be happier, until one afternoon. Pignati suffers a heart attack while he and the teens are playing tag with roller skates.

He is sent to the hospital, and John and Lorraine agree to take care of his house while he recovers. While they are doing so, they resemble a married couple. Between the responsibilities and numerous chores, they love being inside the house. They begin to even acquire feelings for one another, and John begins to care about his appearance.

Having an empty house to themselves, the kids decide to have a party and invite a few people over. The situation quickly turns into a drunken, boisterous party with more visitors than the two anticipated. The partygoers destroy the house, not caring what they break. Lorraine's friend rips Conchetta Pignati's wedding dress in a drunken accident after putting it on. Pignati's house in hopes of finding valuables and destroys Conchetta's collection of porcelain pigs , which Mr.

Pignati holds very dear. John beats Norton up in retaliation. Pignati returns to find his house ransacked, and is incredibly hurt when he finds out John and Lorraine were responsible for the incident. The cops are called, and John and Lorraine believe they will get arrested, but The Pigman does not press charges.

They try to go back into the house and apologize, but the officer tells them Mr. Pignati is crying and that they need to go home. After going home, Lorraine is beaten by her mother and John's parents say they are getting him therapy, which will never happen. Feeling terrible, the two offer to take Pignati to the zoo to help make up for the destruction of his house. When they arrive at the zoo to visit Bobo the baboon , Mr. Pignati's favorite animal and buddy, they learn the creature has died.

Overcome with grief and the heaviness of the recent events, Mr. Pignati suffers from cardiac arrest and dies, leaving John and Lorraine grieving and reflecting on the fragility of life.

John tells Lorraine to wait outside of the area where he died, fearing that her mother would hit her in punishment for creating the situation. They blame themselves for Pignati's death, and believe that he would have been better off never meeting them in the first place.

John and Lorraine write their story down. This story goes into the idea of peer pressure on numerous occasions. First is the phone call Lorraine made to Mr. She did not want to keep the conversation going and felt as if she was not doing the right thing.

Her friends kept pressuring her to continue the conversation and so she did. She never talked to anyone and she never really liked Curley all too much. I never get to talk to nobody Steinbeck seemed to have a thing for the poor and struggling working class people of this country The Pigman The topic I chose to write about is lonely.

Some of the characters in the story that are lonely are John, Loraine, Mr Other characters on the ranch show signs of loneliness also. But what makes the others different is the fact that Crooks does not have anyone to talk with, the others atleast have one person to talk to This is a song for the lonely Can you hear me tonight? For the broken hearted, battled scared I'll be by your side And this is a song for the lonely When your dreams won't come true Can you hear this prayer Cause someone's there for you Well love don't need a reason She can pick you up or leave you bleeding I've seen a strong man cry I know the reason why We all forgive We all forget And just keep believing Chorus: Lorraine was going to stick with her decision but John convinced her into going.

He influenced Lorraine all the time. With a little more convincing, Lorraine agreed to go and they went to visit the Pigman. John was very good at influencing people.

He often thought of only himself and not others. When John planned to have the party at Mr. Pignati might not like a bunch of drunken teenagers stumbling around his house and touching his things. Although he never asked, John should have known that a party would have been out of question.

He was very self-centered for having the party and not caring how Mr. Pignati would feel about it. John was someone who really enjoyed attention.

Not only did he enjoy it, he also sought it. When John, Lorraine and Mr.

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In the novel, The Pigman, writing by Paul Zindel the main characters are truerload6ah.gqi, John and Lorraine. They all meet by chance and each becomes a trespasser on another's life. However, John and Lorraine each gain something . The content of the book may seem somewhat simple. However, I find that there are many important messages within the book. The story itself presented in The Pigman by Paul Zindel is very interesting and the characters are well developed.. There are three main characters in this book. John and /5(2).

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Responsibility or lack of responsibility is seen in The Pigman when John and Lorraine take responsibility for their lies, when John and Lorraine throw a wild party at Mr. Pignati’s house, and how John always drinks and smokes. John and Lorraine seem to care more for the Pigman than they do their own parents. How is this shown?