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Dissertation On Corporate Social Responsibility

1.1 Background of the company

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Corporate social responsibility- Apple

Every newly setup company tries out various techniques in order to capture the attention of people. One of their methods is showing social responsibility.

The companies want to show their customers that they not solely after money but have certain responsibilities towards the society. Companies that have been able to establish themselves as socially responsible have managed to create goodwill among their customers. They find it quite easy to impact the decisions of their customers. The corporate social responsibility emerged as a hot topic of discussion in recent times, thanks to the media hype.

Today, it makes one of the most discussed topics among business students. If you are a business student planning to write a dissertation on corporate social responsibility, here are some useful tips.

In Apple Company, software developer is the main stakeholder who develops and designs various smart phones and other gadgets. Company should provide proper training to its software developer in order to make software which should be beneficial for company, society and environment. With this, there are so many competitors of Smart phones in market which always try to influence and hire the software developers of Apple.

So it is essential for Apple to focus on CSR responsibility of its software developer to maximize their loyalty and satisfaction Vogel, Apple needs products of high quality to make their smart phones and other electronic appliances. For that, they needs to maintain better relationship with their suppliers.

In the case of apple, labor and human rights are the major issues which are facing by Apple company to maintain their relation with suppliers Perrini and Tencati, For that, they needs to adopt the concept of CSR for maintaining better relation with their suppliers. In this manner, they can involve suppliers in their business by providing them market share of Apple. This partnership assists suppliers to provide high quality of raw material and machinery along with maintaining strong relationship.

Apple company is focused on the loyalty of customers in order to expand their sales effectively. The Corporate social responsibility of Apple toward customers is to provide high quality of product along with right information about their product and services.

This responsibility influences company to avoid fake advertisement which decrease the goodwill of company Dubielzig and Schaltegger, The prices of Apple smart phone is very high according to their competitors. So that, they also needs to provide equal product and services according to their high prices. With this, high prices smart phones of Apple is only affordable by royal class customers.

So, management of Apple should also design the phones which is affordable for middle class customers too. A lender is a public or private institution which provides fund to operate business and company. The responsibility of Apple company related to lender is legally return of their fund and money with interest and profit.

In the case of Apple company, lender charges high interest to provide loan on the basis of their leading condition in market. For this, there is necessary for Apple company to maintain strong relationship with their lenders which helps them to get loan in minimum interest for future plan and project Kotler and Lee, The manager of Apple company manage the activities at the workplace such as training, recruitment, selection, leadership, motivation and learning.

Moreover, manager of Apple manages human resources at workplace. So it is necessary for management of Apple company to maintain relationship with their manager.

In Apple company, they doesn't involve managers in decision making process which is the main cause of performance deficiency and decreasing satisfaction. So, they should involve them in decision making process along with providing them the power of leading, guiding and motivating employees effectively Carmel and Agarwal, Music industry helps Apple in maintaining their software such as iTunes and iCloud.

To get better services from music industry, apple needs to provide them better benefits according to their services. With this, Apple is also responsible for maintaining good relations with music industry to reduce the affect of competitors related to influence them Lee and Kim, There are different types of rules and regulation developed by government of different countries which influences Apple company to change their plans and policies.

With this, government rules also put their impact on Apple's strategy for fulfilling the responsibility of CSR. This corporate social responsibilities are differ from country to country Vogel, These differences in CSR of Apple according to different country are as follows:.

Government of UK mostly focus on technology innovation, employee engagement, shareholder benefit, employment, training and development. So, the responsibility of Apple company in UK is related to provide better opportunity to their employees along with provide training and development programs. Wth this, Apple needs to provide proper profit to their shareholders along with right information.

Here, it is necessary to adopt innovative technology by considering the safety of environment, society and human resources Friedman, Indian government is focused on education, employment, environment and woman's empowerment.

CSR responsibility of Apple in India is related to promoting education, sustainable environment, equality of gender, woman's empowerment, safety of human resources and society welfare. In India, the bargaining power of buyer is very high, so that, there is need to set the prices of smart phones in reasonable and competitive manner Council and Toze, Government of US includes the rules of corporate social responsibility in their laws of country.

This rules are related to human rights, economic development, economic security, growth of local citizen, environment protection, anti-corruption and supply chain management. In China, CSR includes the responsibility related to effective price, education, heath care, environment safety, charitable organization, forest safety, heritage protection and anti-corruption.

In China, there are so many companies of smart phones which provides more services in low cost to their customers. Have a look at our latest dissertation samples! Apple is one of the company which is focused on environmental campaign of its product and services. It includes the strategy of CSR in their core mission. It is one of the goal of Apple company to make its sustainability more effective and better Council and Toze, For this, they are focusing to adopt innovative technology to ensure the safety of environment and society.

Further, the new operating system OS X launched by Apple helps in saving more energy. Further, Apple avoid the use of harmful metals such as lead, PVC, mercury and phthalates in producing their products. Apple includes the process of measuring the availability of carbon and methane to ensure the safety of human resources and environment. They use solar, wind and water sources to consume energy in their production process that saves electricity.

The historical evolution of the CSR can be classified into different periods Johnson, There is the earlier period in the CSR evolution followed by the development of unique trends in the s. Corporate social responsibility is not just doing appropriate thing because it is correct. Pressure to develop sustainable sources of renewable energy is on the rise. Corporate social responsibility is nothing but the act of organizations in behaving in an ethical or responsible manner Hopkins, , p Copthorne Tara is one of the most famous hotels in London with a four star rating.

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Dissertation on Corporate Social Responsibility. The subject Corporate Social Responsibility is evolving everyday. As the laws are changing and the environment is deteriorating data tends to become outdated every day.

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Mar 03,  · The best research topic on corporate social responsibility will be found in the literature. Researchers add value to the field, thus, a person would conduct a literature review about a problems concerning corporate social responsibility in hopes to identify what is known, not known, and recommended for future study.

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Although a voluminous work has been carried out over the past some decades on corporate social responsibility i.e. CSR, yet the focal point has been commonly on CSR in the developed countries (de Bakker, Groenewegen, and den Hond, ). Our "Corporate Social Responsibility" experts can research and write a NEW, ONE-OF-A-KIND, ORIGINAL dissertation, thesis, or research proposal—JUST FOR YOU—on the precise "Corporate Social Responsibility" topic of your choice.

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The impact of corporate responsibility in marketing is an interesting topic for dissertation on corporate social responsibility. Until a few years ago, it was thought that corporate responsibility affected only the company’s reputation or goodwill among the people but today it has been identified that it in fact influences the existence of. The impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on development can best be appreciated by taking a brief examination of what is referred to as the three generations of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).5/5(2).