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Gun Violence Essays (Examples)


❶These statistics suggest that gun ownership in itself is dangerous for those who have suicidal thoughts, a demographic that makes up a large portion of the population. The Impact of Legislation on Violence.

Gun Control Essay Examples

Gun Control Essay Topics

With gun control, it should not pose any problem. You do have to avoid any emotional language, but you still need to have your own argument on the issue.

Given the controversial nature of the topic, this should also pose no problem: The next thing you do is collect evidence to support your argument. This may include collecting evidence in support of the opposing argument for you to rebuke. There is a lot of material on both sides of the argument, so even an extensive research for your gun control argumentative essay should not be too challenging.

Once you have conducted your research, it is time to start writing. Just as any other essay, an argumentative essay on gun control comprises of three parts: In the introducing paragraph, you present your topic to the reader by giving some relevant background information and stating your standpoint on the issue in your thesis statement. The main body of your essay will consist of three parts: In the conclusion of your gun control argumentative essay, you briefly re-state your standpoint and why it is the right one.

Persuasive essays are largely similar to argumentative ones, so much that it may be difficult to pinpoint the difference at first. This difference mainly lies in the ways by which you prove the rightness of your claim. Let us take a closer look at these ways. The commonly accepted classification suggests three main methods of persuasion: Logos employs logic to appeal to the reader's rationality. Pathos uses the irrational and appeals to emotion. Ethos employs authority and appeals to the sense of ethics.

As we have mentioned, an argumentative essay focuses on proving the rightness of your argument rationally - so, it employs logos as the only method of persuasion. In a persuasive essay, on the other hand, you focus on your result - persuading your reader. Thus, you can employ whichever of the three methods of persuasion you like in any combination.

When we talk specifically about gun control, it is a heavily emotional topic, so it is hard to stick to dry facts and logic exclusively. So, when writing a gun control persuasive essay, not only logical but also ethical and emotional appeal is probably much easier than writing an argumentative essay and sticking to logic. Consequentially, an argumentative essay suggests that you use neutral language at all times, whereas in a persuasive essay you can relax and write in moderately emotional language here and there.

The writing and pre-writing processes for a persuasive essay will not be different from those for an argumentative one: As we have discussed, gun control is an extremely broad and multi-angled topic.

Naturally, it is much bigger than one can cover in any essay, and you can investigate this topic in a gun control research paper or even bigger academic papers. If you choose to write a research paper on gun control, however, you will still find that the topic is too broad and you will have to narrow it down according to your personal and academic interest.

Still, if you find a particular gun control-related topic interesting, it is not enough to make a good topic for a research paper. It also has to be original, i. On the bright side, you usually will not have to pick a fixed topic and stick to it. At the initial stage of your work, you can formulate your subject somewhat vaguely and specify and adjust the topic to your liking with the course of your research. Another distinct feature of a research paper is that it needs a presentable list of referenced sources.

You do not have to stick to other authors' writing here. You are also allowed often even encouraged to get and use your own empirical findings. One final thing that you need to know about a research paper is that it needs to focus on the research data - facts and analytics, rather than opinions and reflections - your own or those of other authors.

Gun control is one of those topics that encourage us to be biased and express opinions. Hence, there are lots of opinions on gun control out there - both pro and anti, - and most probably, you have one as well. However, when you are writing an academic paper, you cannot make your writing strictly opinion-based. Regardless of what kind of assignment you are writing, everything you write there has to refer to hard evidence.

In other words, any kind of paper on gun control demands profound research. You need to be well informed about the background of the issue and both sides of the argument.

As you know, the very issue of individual firearm possession and its control date back to the late 18 th century and the famous Second Amendment. So, this is where you begin your research you should be familiar with the text of the Second Amendment. Given the amount of time that has passed since then, the understanding of the Second Amendment has evolved, which is marked by a number of notable court cases, about which you also need to be aware.

The most significant of them include United States v. Cruikshank , the United States v. Miller , District of Columbia v. Heller , McDonald v. The City of Chicago , and others. However, being familiar with the background of the issue will only make your own opinion more reasoned, and this is not enough to put together an academic paper. You will also need be familiar with the current line of thought in both pro and anti gun control directions.

To do that, you should read the gun control articles and watch the documentaries on the issue from reputable news sources, such as Businessweek, New Yorker, Times, CNN, and others. Anti gun control articles are written by experts who are convinced that individual firearm possession should not be controlled more than it already is or should not be controlled at all.

You can begin your research by looking through these articles:. DePhilippis and Hughes have co-founded the site Armed With Reason to inform people about gun violence prevention. The article centers around the idea that introducing more strict gun control regulations does not decrease gun violence because criminals procure firearms illegally anyway.

Wilson is an author of several books on crime and teaches at Pepperdine University. The article blames the gun control lobby of populism and points out that they have no suggestions as to what to do with the existing amount of guns owned by individuals: Hardy is an attorney from Arizona. He claims that as an anti gun control person, he is open to dialogue with the opponent side, which he cannot say about them.

He claims that they are like fanatics on a crusade who will not stop until all individual firearm possession is banned. Taya Kyle is the widow of the late Chris Kyle whose story was the basis for the movie American Sniper. She wrote this emotional and insightful piece to express her views on the issue.

If you want to read more about it, she also has written a book American Wife: Davidson interviews James Jacobs, the director of the Center for Research in Crime and Justice at New York University School of Law, to pinpoint the definition of gun control as exactly as possible and to question the most popular approaches to gun control.

In this article, Davidson clarifies what gun control actually is and puts to question various popularly suggested gun control methods. Hunter serves as an aide to the conservative Senator Rand Paul. In his article, he claims that gun control lobbyists only notice the cases where mass shootings occur while ignoring the instances where well-intended gun-owning citizens have prevented crime and violence.

He also lists some inspiring stories of the latter instances. Pro gun control articles are written by people who are not enthusiastic about the current gun control policy and suggest that either it should be more strict, or individual firearm possession should be downright outlawed. Here are some of the most interesting examples:. Gun Control and the Constitution: However, senior attorney working…… [Read More].

Gun Fu and Hong Kong Cinema. Staring the Asian TV star Chow Yun Fat and movie star Ti Lung, the film transcended the action genre already well-established in the West by using the various tropes of the genre gangsters, the conflicted family, brother-against-brother, friend-in-peril, reformed hood, betrayal, and so on , mixing in elements of melodrama and morality both Buddhism and Christianity appear in the film , and layering it with stylized gun violence -- gunplay like swordplay -- in a manner that had never before been seen.

The film played, in certain moments, like a dance -- bullets being used like rain to wash away all the problems and issues that otherwise could not be resolved. For both Chinese and Western audiences, the film was something new: Proposition Non-Sense Crime Drugs: A Policy Guide Proposition Attempts to ban the possession of handguns, or certain kinds of guns, are not a viable option for reducing crime. According to sociologist Samuel Walker: In short, it is not very efficient or sensible to try to control ownership of guns by the public at large when the real problem is the behavior of a very small part of the population -- violent criminals" Walker This statement is problematic for a number of reasons.

First of all, many individuals who do not intend to commit crimes still do so as a result of crimes of passion. Having a gun involved in a highly emotional situation almost invariably raises the ante of confrontation. Although they might not intend to commit a crime, the crime happens by virtue…… [Read More]. Violence and Premature Sex Are. I agree wholeheartedly with the author. Random acts of kindness do make the world and our society a better place.

We need to become more aware of the connections between people. We do need to smile more, treat others with deep respect, and recognize the impact our actions have on other people.

Instead of walking around angry all day, we need to develop a positive frame of mind and speak and act with kindness. Universal health care would reflect a deep change in our culture.

We have become so focused on our independence that we forgot the value of sharing and caring. Our selfishness and greed has led to a situation in which most Americans cannot afford adequate healthcare. Yet Americans are afraid of making small sacrifices that could benefit our society such as paying slightly more taxes to fund a truly universal system…… [Read More].

Violence in the Education System. School Violence Schools have more esponsibility to Prevent School Violence than ever before Issues related to school violence have become an increasingly salient issue in modern society.

This issue affects schools on many levels. On one level, there rise in the number of tragedies such as mass shootings have increased and these incidents clearly illustrate the need for safer educational environments for children and adolescents. However, there are also more subtle examples of violence that can occur in school environments such as bullying.

The evidence that bullying is severe physical and psychological detriment to students has become increasingly clear. Furthermore, technology has also offered new platforms in which violence can occur between students.

For example, there have been many cases of online bullying that have occurred on social networks. This analysis will provide a brief overview of different types of violence that can occur in schools as well as a…… [Read More]. Many see gun control as a controversial topic that has sparked much debate.

This gun control essay can offer ways to examine this topic from both the pro and against sides. By detailing the pros and cons of gun control, you will be able to see the impact on society. These examples include recent changes in laws, news stories associated with gun violence, and what other countries do about this highly debated subject. Examining a topic from both sides, it offers a deeper and richer understanding that cannot be achieved from one-sided analysis.

Understanding Gun Control C. Gun Control Measures in Canada. The firearms legislation bill was passed in , and it immediately facilitated the establishment of Canadian Firearms Program CFP during the same year. The program itself was multi-jurisdictional, and it required that all firearms owners should be mandatorily registered under the Firearms Act.

Therefore, an efficient information system was required to oversee the successful implementation of Canadian Firearms Program and particularly registry of firearms.

However, the Canadian Firearms egistration System had information technology bottlenecks. The complexity of its development was because a national database system was rightly in place and functioning well. This marked the first complexity…… [Read More]. National ifle Association NA: Sandy Hook and Colorado: No need for assault rifles: Government and Private protection: Political and Social pressure: Public will not be able to protect itself: Hand guns and law enforcement enough for public protection: The possession of guns is considered as a matter of tradition and heritage of the society.

However the usage of automatic guns in violent crimes has initiated a concern for society to urge government for imposition of strict gun control laws. The previous laws should be changed to restrict automatic rifles possession and sales. The high powered weapons should also avoided by the public to evade unnecessary violence. United States is country that allowed its citizen to…… [Read More].

Issue of Gun Control Legislation. People who are not in favor of the use of guns and favor austere gun control legislation often argue that guns do not kill people; people kill people.

People who are law abiding and moral have guns because it is their right; people who are of weak character and lack ethics have guns because it is their right. Gun possession is a fact of life making gun control legislation and regulation an absolute necessity; it is not the job of the law to judge a citizen's character, but rather it is the job of the law…… [Read More].

Issues Surrounding Gun Ownership. Gun violence in America has always been a great concern to communities, families and law enforcement officials. But in recent years gun violence has received a great deal more publicity and public concern because of the mass shootings -- particularly in schools -- that the media focuses on in great detail. In other words, a law-abiding family living in a quiet small town in Vermont is impacted emotionally when a gunman enters a school in California or Connecticut and murders innocent children.

This paper identifies recent trends in mass shootings, potential laws that would attempt to keep guns out of the hands of mentally disturbed and violent individuals, and how the National Rifle Association NRA uses unethical tactics to promote its paranoid obsession that government is out to take guns away from law-abiding gun owners.

Recent Mass Shootings Of the many gruesome mass killings that have been reported on television…… [Read More]. And these issues have received a great deal of media attention and hence are worthy of research. This paper reviews gun violence in the U. Mass shootings and gun violence in the U. In the United States, as of October 1, , there have been mass shootings a mass shooting is defined as one in which four or more people were killed or injured by a gun , and 45 of those occurred at schools BBC.

Proper Restrictions on Gun Ownership. Gun Control In light of events like Sandy Hood, Columbine, the Charleston church shooting, the on-air shooting of two reports in Virginia and many others, gun control is a topic that has remained a topic that is ever-present in the twenty-four hour news cycle of modern day America. Further, there are several cities right now that are the sites of some major and protracted gun violence. This violence and depravity is to the extent that some people assert that gun violence is a public health issue.

The author of this report will answer that question and will also speak to the ways in which gun purchases can be limited and regulated given the presence of the Second Amendment.

While gun violence is certainly an issue that involves health, it is primarily a crime and punishment issue and should be dealt with as such. Analysis As easily discernible from the question…… [Read More]. Analyzing the Gun Control Issue. Gun Control Definition of the Problem Gun Control In America as well as other parts of the world, the role played by guns in committing violent acts, and what must be done in this regard, is a hotly debated topic.

However, some facts are incontestable. Over 31, individuals sustained gunshot injuries in the year , in America. As these victims are mostly youths, gun violence can be considered as one among the primary reasons for premature deaths in the U.

Apart from mortal wounds, there were, in the same year, approximately , non-fatal acts of violence perpetrated with the use of guns; emergency departments of American hospitals received 73, cases of nonfatal wounds made by guns.

The economic and social costs associated with gun violence are also huge, in the U. Webster, However, ironically, in spite of gun violence's colossal impact, a majority of public discussions in regard to…… [Read More]. Gun Possession Refers to the. Method Participants In the examination of the aspect of gun ownership, the research adopted the concept of qualitative research method. This is because the study focuses on the examination of social problem in the United States.

Data was collected through administration of the questions to approximately participants. Materials The main aim of the process was to adopt an effective and accurate comparison between the research hypotheses and the available data.

This indicates that the study's focus was on the determination of correlation between the dependent variables: This was essential in the achievement…… [Read More].

Guns Don't Kill People But the logic behind the analogy is sound. When my peer says that without human intervention guns do not kill people, he is ignoring the fact that free availability of guns may allow some crazy people to kill others although without guns they might not have been able to kill anyone.

My peer's statement that a gun "is just a tool like any other" again is technically correct but simplistic. A gun is a much more powerful weapon than a pocket knife. The crazy person who tried to assassinate President Reagan would have had far lesser chances of attacking the President with a pocket knife, for example.

The availability of guns makes it easier to kill others. My peer's analogy with the use of machete in Rwanda actually weakens his argument. Again, it is technically true that the machetes did not kill people, but people with machetes did. But one…… [Read More]. Gun Control as a Social. Furthermore, it is suggested that the roots of the problem lie deeper than the superficial debate about gun control.

In sociological terms, this problem is to do with the lack of meaning and the breakdown of inherent normative structures. In this sense the debate about gun control should be seen against the underlying background of these sociological issues. Even if a compromise was be reached about whether or not to have gun control, there would still be underlying structural causative features that would need to be addressed and which are the source of this problem in the first place.

The Global Gun Epidemic: From Saturday Night Specials. Deviance and Social Control. Gun Ownership Discuss the Results. A poignant question was devised by the William J.

This was pertaining to: According to Krouse, 44 million people owned guns in which represented: In , the total number of firearms increased to million Krouse. Where, the availability of guns increased by: However, the amount of households owning guns is not indicated in Krouse's information. This has led to a number of questions that are brought up from this data.

The most notable include: Were the guns being purchased by: Was the proliferation of guns occurring with: Clearly, the issues surrounding those who can legitimately own guns is continually evolving. As those who are law abiding citizens have been declining…… [Read More]. Gun Control Legislation Gun control is not one concern, but several.

To some people gun control is a crime issue; to others it is a rights issue. Gun control is a safety issue, an education issue, a racial issue, and a political issue. Within each of these issues, there are those who want more gun control legislation and those who want less. Guns are not for everyone.

Certain individuals cannot handle a firearm safely, and some individuals choose to use firearms inappropriately. Our society has passed laws regulating the ownership and use of firearms, and additional legislation is being considered.

Most of this legislation restricts, to some degree, the rights of individuals to possess or use firearms. Some restrictions may be necessary, but some recent legislation has gone too far. Society benefits from firearms in the hands of responsible citizens, and taking firearms away from such citizens will do more…… [Read More]. Gun Regulation the Need for Gun Control. It is a scene that we all wish to have never repeated.

With so many outburst of violence around the United States using heavy machinery and advanced firearms, Congress needs to instill greater regulation of guns, especially more dangerous weapons like automatic weapons and riffles. This does not mean that Congress should ban such guns, as such would be a violation of the Second Amendment, but it is clear that these dangerous weapons need to be regulated in order to make sure they do not continue to end up in the wrong hands and continue to cause tragedies across the United States.

Despite a strong connotation that Americans should have free range in regards to their weapons under the Second Amendment, recent tragedies…… [Read More]. Violence on College Campuses Virginia Tech could probably have avoided the terrible massacre of had its officials taken more timely and effective action with Seung Hui Cho.

He had a very long record of mental illness dating back to middle school, including fantasies of violence and murder, and he had received psychiatric treatment in the past. His behavior at Virginia Tech was so disturbing to students and faculty that a court ordered him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation in , although he refused all counseling. University officials did not discuss his case with each other or even with his parents for fear of violating state and federal confidentiality laws, although their interpretation of these was mostly incorrect.

Even though medical and psychiatric records are confidential by law, there is an exception for students like Cho who are deemed a danger to themselves and others.

Not only did he receive…… [Read More]. Gun Control and First Amendment. It would also be highly recommended that there are designated buffer zones between the convention and any designated First Amendment Zones. Additionally, these zones must be away from any other public areas. If they are too close to public areas, like malls, they may inadvertently disrupt the flow of the public and endanger passersby.

There are also recommendations for general policy of the possible disruption of protest groups at the DNC event. If officers were to commence in disrupting the protest groups, it would be absolutely necessary to show they were acting in accordance with the misdemeanor violation of Section Essentially, this would mean that officers would have to prove more than three individuals were acting in a way to disturb the peace, rather than to peacefully assemble.

It is true, "no actual breach of peace needs to take place" Unlawful Assembly Dispersal Order. Gun Control Wouldn't it Be.

According to gun control advocates, crime should be extraordinary, but this simply is not the case. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Switzerland has far less crime per capita than the United States and almost no gun crime. Then there's the case of Kennesaw, Georgia where crime dropped after a law that requires its citizens to own guns passed.

Lieutenant Craig Graydon, Kennesaw Police Department comments, "Well, after the city ordinance passed, there was actually a decrease in reported crime in the Kennesaw area, especially violent crime. Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that there's already plenty of gun control legislation and it doesn't work.

So, if guns are outlawed only criminals will have guns, leaving law-abiding citizens…… [Read More]. Gun Control Advocates Argue That. Opponents of gun control became more proactive and in after the capture of NA leader, they began to harm the reputation of the GCA officers and executives.

They aimed to scare the gun owners into thinking that they will be harassed and prosecuted for possessing guns. Opponents of gun control pushed the Carter administration to remove the proposals which aimed at changing the execution of the laws. After this was done they became even more proactive in their campaign Vizzard, ; In and , the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms was called in for Hearings in the Senate after they sidestepped Congress to trigger a change in policy utilizing executive power.

While the federal administration had influenced this strategy on not only the treasury but also the ATF, they rapidly backed out from the ATF and dumped the strategy as they saw strong resistance Vizzard, ;…… [Read More]. Gun Trafficking and Straw Purchasing. Straw Runners' Complicity Rational choice theory is the theory of criminal behavior that posits that when people commit illicit acts, they generally tend to do so while considering their own self-interest.

This theorem posits that criminals are well aware of the illegality of that which they are contemplating, and that they take into account a number of factors before first pursuing these actions. Such factors generally include what sort of benefits they will incur as well as to what degree they will profit from criminal behavior, which is typically weighed against the likelihood of their getting caught.

Furthermore, this theory contends that people who commit crime also are cognizant of the nature and the degree of the punishment they may induce if they are apprehended for committing a crime. In view of all of these factors, when people decide to still commit a…… [Read More]. Difficulty of Starting a Gun. However, this is a common, recurrent theme that has been injected into the public sphere by private interests.

As a result, it dominates a substantial amount of discourse in the public sphere, and even people like Griffin and ostron, who believe that it is demoralizing and misleading and state those beliefs publicly, have had little success in challenging this misconception. Therefore, to have a real gun control debate in the public sphere, it is necessary to investigate whether proposed gun control laws would have had an impact on some of these crimes. In the instances of these massacre-shootings, over and over again it appears that the gunmen purchased their weapons and ammunition legally, rather than going to illegal sources for their weapons.

They were not prevented from doing so by current gun-laws, but many of them had behavioral flags that may have led to gun-restrictions under more exacting laws. Tighter Regulations for Buying Guns the Argument. Tighter egulations for Buying Guns The argument essay tighter regulations buying guns proposed. An requirements word file.

In the recent past, there have been mass shootings that have taken place in different states within the United States. These mass shootings have caused many innocent people to loose their lives, and this has led to the citizens and leaders pushing for stricter control for firearms. In , there were three major shootings that prompted legislators to take action against gun control. The first was the Chardon High School shooting, where a student went on a rampage killing three students and injuring several other students.

The second event was the Colorado Theater shooting. In this event, the shooter killed 12 people and injured 58 others. The final event took place in December The incident occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School where the shooter killed six adult staff and twenty children. Moreover, the increase in firearm-related homicide within this age group occurred among all race-sex groups Fatal.

Rates of suicide by firearm were especially high among the elderly in the United States, and increases occurred in all race-sex groups except African-American females, for whom the number of suicides were too small to produce stable rates Fatal.

The CDC report cautions that the surveillance data in this report are intended to familiarize public health practitioners, researchers, and policymakers concerning the problem of firearm-related deaths in the United States Fatal. And although these data help to characterize the magnitude of the problem and identify groups at risk, there are still gaps in knowledge, thus current surveillance efforts need to be expanded to include information about nonfatal injuries Fatal.

Moreover, there needs to be a greater understanding of the causes of firearm deaths to identify modifiable individual and societal risk factors, thus, further research…… [Read More].

Anti Gun Control Despite Constitutional. The government has no right turning a blind eye to criminals who possess arms, allowing innocent citizens to live unprotected in their own homes. It is far too late to restrict access to guns, anyway.

The market has already opened its arms to criminals who have stashes of weapons. Those weapons aren't going anywhere and so American citizens must have unrestricted access to the weapons that can protect them from being killed by criminals.

Gun control also prevents objective education surrounding the proper use of guns. If young adults are taught how to properly store and use a firearm they are less likely to use them indiscriminately. The original purpose of the Second Amendment was to empower the citizens of…… [Read More]. Gun control attitudes criminal justice student: The objective is to determine if there are different attitudes between criminal justice students and others regarding gun control.

What is the main hypothesis? The hypothesis is that there will be a difference in attitudes, because criminal justice students can sometimes be more conservative than instructors and other students.

The main dependent variables are student attitudes towards gun control. It was measured by filling out questionairres opining students whether or not they were in favor of or against gun control measures 5. The Impact of Legislation on Violence. Firearms Legislation and Firearms-Related Violence in Europe This paper examines the relationship between firearms legislation and gun-related violence across countries and regions in Europe.

The focus of the paper is to identify possible sources of literature to help answer questions regarding whether legislation is an effective tool in reducing firearms-related violence. The paper focuses on variance of gun violence rates throughout Europe, gun legislation, and possible national strategies for addressing the issue of gun violence. It finds that there are many variables that impact regions and can effect greater or lesser rates of gun violence -- factors such as education, culture, economic stability, political instability, and so on.

No two countries are the same in terms of people, customs, traditions, ideals, and execution of the law. It is therefore important to better understand how culture plays a role in determining the effects of firearms-related violence in throughout Europe.

This information…… [Read More]. Kansas City Gun Experiment and. Do some police departments still engage in the "aggressive preventative patrol" strategies that led to the urban riots of the s and the publishing of the Kerner Commission eport? Are there any similarities or differences between those strategies and the strategies used in the Kansas City Gun Experiment?

One could argue that on other issues, any sting operation, such as those conducted on specified geographic locations for street prostitution or drug enforcement or even electronic crime stings is a model similar to this, as the officers are focusing specifically on one issue and are not required, during operations to answer traditional patrol calls.

Though, this model is more a future deterrent model than a prevention model. Harassment is a highly interpretive concept and issues such as, racial profiling or random…… [Read More].

Impact of the Gun Control on the States. United States, in accordance with crime and violence, has been having highest rates of crime and violence in the world, and largely most of them violence are related to gun.

Department of Justice has indicated that in the United States, violence related to guns consists of the largest violence rate. For example, back in year The first law on gun control came about in in the State of New York. However, the most significant law on gun control was the rady bill which was passed in According to this law there is a restriction…… [Read More]. Brady Bill the Brady Handgun. Critics of the rady ill suggest that this means that the rady ill doesn't work and we ought to get rid of it.

However, what it really means is that we need to do even more to strengthen gun control measures. For example, the rady ill ought to include sales by non-dealers as well as sales by licensed gun dealers and ought to incorporate mandatory sentences for attempted illegal purchases of guns.

Organizations such as the NRA will no doubt attempt to frighten Americans into believing that they are losing their constitutional right to keep and bear arms. However, the wide-spread support of the rady ill indicates that Americans aren't that stupid.

Americans want responsible sales of guns and are willing to tolerate some inconvenience to protect their safety. Sarah Vowell Guns Presidents and. All I ever cared about was art'" Martin Vowell's anti-gun politics and assassination fascination thus may have a personal dimension -- in the act of remembering violent American history, Vowell comes to terms with her past although retains her liberal politics.

Vowell does tie the issues raised by violence and assignations in the past to present-day attitudes Regarding one unwitting casualty in the attempt on Ronald Reagan's life, Reagan's press secretary James Brady who must spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair due to his injury, Vowell is proud that she is part of their campaign and writes how moved she is: And not the soft-focus treacle that 'heroic' often implies. Business Plan for a Gun Shop. Promote Health, Safety, and esponsible Ownership Big Boy Gunz recognizes that promoting the health, safety, and responsible ownership of firearms is crucial towards successful operations.

Promoting health, safety, and responsible ownership is an important aspect towards developing a safe society in Texas that is free from gun violence and irresponsible use of firearms. Similar to other businesses that have been established to generate revenue, Big Boy Gunz is not only in business to ensure growth in revenue but also ensure sustainability is an important element across all operations. According to the American Firearm etailers Association , gun and firearm retailers have a role in promoting health, safety, and responsible ownership because these are crucial elements towards keeping communities healthy and safe.

Keeping communities healthy and safe is crucial because the…… [Read More]. Societal Violence in the Emergency Department. All EDs have large numbers of uninsured patients, many of them with drug, alcohol of psychiatric problems, which increase the normal stress and anxiety of this environment and make violence far more likely.

All EDs should do a risk assessment that includes the location, design, history and security measures in the facility; the type of in-house security staff, training and weapons, communications with local police and hospital security; nighttime lighting, parking areas, numbers of chemically dependent patients.

It should note whether access is monitored…… [Read More]. Gun Control in the American Society the. Gun Control in the American Society The issue of gun control has been a primary social and political problem in the American society, most especially when 'spree killings' have become prevalent among young adults in high schools all over the country.

The issue of gun control is always brought up when such killings occur, most especially when a young individual is involved and is the primary suspect in the killings. The killing took place in May , and Kip Kinkel, age 15, killed his parents, Bill and Faith Kinkel, and murdered 2 students and injured 25 others when he attacked the school cafeteria in Thurston High a day after he killed his parents.

The murders that took place in May convicted Kip Kinkel and was sentenced to serve years in prison. Essentials of cultural anthropology. Guns in American society: An encyclopedia of history, politics, culture, and the law.

Gun violence in America: The struggle for control. Frame-changing in the media coverage of a school shooting: The rise of Columbine as a national concern. The Social Science Journal, 46 1 , The norm of solidarity: Experiencing negative aspects of community life after a school shooting tragedy.

Journal of Social Work, 12 3 , Guns, Gangs, and the Underclass: Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice, 52 1. Prevalence, prediction, and prevention. Suicide and Violence Prevention: Parent Education in the Emergency Department.

Application of a firearm seizure law aimed at dangerous persons: Psychiatric services Washington, D.

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Below given is a good essay example about significant accession of gun violence in the modern world. Be sure to read this paper sample that may be useful.

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Gun violence unfortunately has become timeless and is at an all time high in America. The government, parents, and educators have now combined forces and are struggling to find a way forward towards dealing with the matter adequately.

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Free Essays from Bartleby | Gun Control Gun Control is a topic that has been talked about for many years now especially after many tragic deaths and other. All the tragic gun violence-related events that took place recently and not so recently led not only to grief but to all sorts of speculation on all levels. The topic has become so widely discussed that everyone has something to say on it: from the social science scholars to the celebrities. Evidently, gun control as an essay topic gives.

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