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The Definition of a Customer Portfolio

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Diversifying Your Customer Portfolio
Manage Your Customer Portfolio

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Manage Your Customer Portfolio. Once you have all the information in one place, you can do various types of analysis. The purpose of the analysis is to discover differences and similarities among different customers. This helps determine your business strategy, customer portfolio, and customer relationship plan.

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A customer portfolio comprises the various groups that make up the customer base of a business. For example, Coca-Cola's customer portfolio consists of restaurants, grocery stores, amusement parks and sports arenas.

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Does customer portfolio analysis relate to customer performance? An empirical analysis of alternative strategic perspective Teck . What is a Customer Portfolio? - Definition & Importance A customer analysis helps break down who your customers are in terms of demographics, What is a Customer Portfolio? - Definition.

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Our customer portfolio analysis combines your customer data with a variety of demographic, lifestyle, and geographic data to provide you with action-ready insight. Applying a unique combination of industry experience and advanced analytics, we work with you to develop rich and comprehensive customer profiles based on their value to . – The customer portfolio and relationship management have been of contemporary interest to the academics and practitioners. This paper aims to systematically analyze the review and critique of this important area and broadly to discuss the customer portfolio theories and their implications in reference to marketing and purchasing perspectives.