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CLEP English Exam

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❶There are hundreds of interactive grammar quizzes and tests available online if you need some practice. Cheri May 13,

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College Composition
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You can use them to skip over intro classes or quickly gain some credits satisfy a graduation requirement. Please check out the wiki still under construction. I'm registered for the Composition exam this Wednesday.

I did not study for this placement exam, and had been out of school for almost 6 years prior to the date of the exam. Would it be wise to take this exam without some serious studying? Most of the posts I've read indicate that this particular exam is fairly straightforward and easy, but I can't afford not to pass. If I don't pass and complete my requirements this summer, I will lose eligibility for the guaranteed transfer of 60 credits, which would likely set me back at least one more semester at the university.

I appreciate any input! Update 1, after taking the exam this morning - I finished the multiple choice portion with 19 minutes remaining. That gave me enough time to go back and review any items I'd marked I believe 10 questions or so.

I finished my review with about 2 minutes remaining, and submitted that portion of the exam early. The first essay had a fairly easy prompt. I was able to write a 5 paragraph response, with just enough time to spare for a final read-through and quick edit. The second essay with excerpts from two sources to be cited was a bit more challenging. I completed a 4 paragraph essay intro, 2 body, 1 conclusion , which was 1 paragraph short of my goal.

I experienced difficulty with this one because of the sources; I didn't feel like they provided information that I would personally use in writing an essay for the given prompt, so that tripped me up for a few minutes before I moved past that and started writing. I just had to remind myself that the test would be scored based upon my writing skills and knowledge of sentence structure, essay construction, etc.

This section will assess your skills in writing sentences, recognizing fragments and run-ons, agreement pronouns, subject-verb, case and number , and recognizing things like active versus passive voice and idioms or figures of speech.

You will also need to brush up on your punctuation! The two areas most students make mistakes on are in using commas which have about 50 rules!

There are hundreds of interactive grammar quizzes and tests available online if you need some practice. Here is where the test assesses how well you can proofread and revise a draft.

It measures your ability to organize logically, evaluate evidence, your awareness of audience and purpose, your ability to recognize appropriate tone, main ideas, thesis statements, topic sentences, point of view, and sentence-level errors. This test is designed to see how well you pay attention when you are reading a draft. Are you able to see all the errors? Can you correct them properly?

Try finding some drafts online to read through or go over some of your high school work and determine what mistakes you tend to make — then you will be more aware of what you are looking for. How are your research and reference skills? This is where the test will assess how thoroughly you can integrate research, evaluate research, identify what references are the best, and how thoroughly you document sources works cited, bibliography, in-text citations.

There will be single questions to answer as well as passages where you will have to demonstrate the above skills. If you have never written a research essay before, which is happening more and more, it is in your best interest to read some researched essays and become familiar with documentation formats MLA, APA, and CMS.

When we read literature and write about it, we are usually summarizing. In freshman composition, students move from summarizing to analyzing. This section of the test has reading passages where you will demonstrate your ability to think critically, identify style and purpose, analyze your audience, and identify the context of the writing. These passages will contain the rhetorical appeals, rhetorical effects, evaluation of evidence, and evaluation of language used.

The Essay Section requires students to respond to two essay prompts; however, the topics are not known to the test taker beforehand. Be prepared to write about just about anything! Each school has its own method for applying this portion of the test.

It could be completed on a computer, or it could be written by hand. There are 10 questions below that will help you see where you are in your progress. Once you have written your answer, click on or tap on the phone the question to see answers and explanations. You can do it! When you start a sentence with a subordinating conjunction, you must place a comma after it. There must also be commas between conjunctions and independent clauses which is just a complete simple sentence.

Sentences a and b are missing commas. Sentence c is written in passive voice. Choose the sentence that is written correctly. The remaining sentences had errors in pronoun use, verb inconsistency, and subject-verb agreement. Sentence a shows a parallel construction. The verbs are all written in the same tense and are followed by a prepositional phrase.

The other sentences do not have adequate parallel structure. Before you begin writing an essay, you have to consider three things: Anytime you are getting ready to write an essay, you really have to think about who it is you are writing for audience because you want to use the right tone conversational or formal. You also need to figure out why you are writing the essay — what is your purpose?

Is it to inform, persuade, entertain, compare, or argue? Which of these sentences would be a good thesis statement for the following essay prompt? Write a page argument on whether you agree or disagree with standardized testing in public schools. A good thesis statement has three parts: Standardized testing in public schools topic should not be allowed opinion because students lose class time, the tests are expensive for the schools, and the tests often have errors in them claims.

Which of the following is the best example of using proper formal language in a paper?

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The CLEP College Composition exam assesses writing skills taught in most first-year college composition courses. Those skills include analysis, argumentation, synthesis, usage, ability to recognize logical development, and research.

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Essay Scoring Performed by CLEP College Composition essays are reviewed by college English composition professors through the Educational Testing Service's Online Scoring Network (OSN). The OSN distributes essays securely to readers in remote locations for scoring.

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The CLEP College Composition exam allows students to attain college credit without having to take the official course. The test evaluates skills in the areas of analysis, argumentation, synthesis, logical development, and research. CLEP College Composition Exam Information. The same topics you would encounter in a first-year college composition course, such as thesis development, essay organization and editing strategies, are covered on the CLEP College Composition exam. You can use this course to help meet general education requirements.

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year college writing courses. Candidates will, however, be expected to apply the principles and conventions used in longer writing projects to two timed writing assignments and to apply the rules of standard written English. The College Composition examination contains multiple-choice items and two mandatory, centrally scored essays. Credits4Less’ College Composition (No Essay) study guide will fully prepare you for your College Composition CLEP exam. Our study guide focuses on preparing you for the multiple choice part of the exam by giving you hundreds of questions that mimic the questions that you’ll see on the exam.