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APUSH Chapter 1

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❶Diseases carried by Europeans decimated indian tribes who contracted them. Which of the following Renaissance-era ideologies celebrated public virtue and service to the state?

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. By the time the Europeans arrived in the Western Hemisphere in the s, most Native Americans lived in and along which of the following regions? Which of the following describes the first ancestors of the Native American peoples? They were migrants who came over land from North Eastern Asia. Which of the following describes the first peoples who migrated to the Americas?

Which of the following statements describes the Maya peoples? These devised a solar calendar system and predicted the solar and lunar eclipse accurately. The Aztecs lived in which of the following present-day locales? Which of the following was characteristic of both the Mississippian and Pueblo peoples? Which of the Pueblo peoples built hundreds of miles of straight roads across the desert in the American Southwest to facilitate trade?

The Native American settlement known as Cahokia was a. Significant Mississippian city with more than temple mounds. Which of the following statements describes Native American peoples east of the Mississippi River? Which of the following was a characteristic of the Aztec, Mayan, and Iroquois civilizations? Which of the following describes family life among Native Americans?

Which of the following describes trading relationships among Native Americans in the period before European contact? Native Americans developed extensive trade networks that spanned great distances. Which of the following statements describes the status of European monarchs in ? The authority of monarchs was often challenged by local nobles. The social order in Europe around can be described as.

Which of the following characteristics did traditional European, Mayan, and Aztec civilizations of the fifteenth century hold in common? Each was a hierarchal society in which authority came from above. Typically, when an English woman of the fifteenth century married, she. In , the majority of European men were which of the following?

On the eve of European colonization of the Americans, most Western Europeans lived in. The European Renaissance began in in which of the following countries?

Which of the following Renaissance-era ideologies celebrated public virtue and service to the state? Which European nation was the first to involve itself in exploration of the Atlantic as a route to Asia and the African slave trade?

Merchants from which of the following countries made inroads in the Arab-dominated trade routes of the Mediterranean in the twelfth century?

The rise of commerce in most of Europe in the fifteenth century shifted the balance of power by favoring which of the following groups? Which Europeans were represented by guilds in the fifteenth century? As it gained power in Europe, Roman and medieval Catholicism contended with pre-Christian festivals and the agricultural cycle by.

Additional Chapter 1 Resources. Spain used its New World colonies to enrich the mother country's economy and fund its religious wars throughout Europe. These gold and silver supplies made Spain very wealthy but exposed its ships to raids from rival European powers.

Additionally, the large infusion of money led to inflation at home and an aggressive foreign policy that would spell a slow decline in Spanish power.

The fear of rival attacks against the heart of its western empire, Mexico and Peru, would guide Spain to develop colonies in its northern frontier. This is the story of those colonies. American Colonies Guiding Questions: Below you will find a series of questions concerning the content contained in Chapter 2.

When reading this book, it is important not to get lost in the details but to maintain an appreciation for the big picture. In an effort to assist in this matter, we have the following questions. You should attempt to answer all questions to better your understanding of your reading. Describe its impact on the Western Hemisphere. Why were the Spanish slow to colonize in regions north of Mexico? Explain ethnogenesis and its importance to European colonization.

Why did the story of Cabeza de Vaca inspire Coronado and other conquistadors? When, why, and in what form was Florida eventually colonized? What happened to the Spanish settlement on the Chesapeake? Why did the Spanish crown turn to the Franciscans?

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Chapter 1 Lady of Cofitachequi: Cofitachequi was a paramount chiefdom encountered by the Hernando de Soto Expedition in South Carolina. They encountered the. Apush Chapter 1 Notes Words | 14 Pages. possibly earlier • Resulted from tools, spears, hunting supplies that made it easier to hunt large animals, that crossed between the two continents, drawing people into unsettled territories • Mongolian descent (present day Siberia) • Southern Tip of South America discovered around BC • By .

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