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❶The early advances in mobile technologies are a case in point, as are the continued development of medical applications for the Apple iPad Wickramasinghe, Sharma, Goldberg,

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Cloud Computing Essay
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This chapter provides an introduction to area of research. It describes the survey done with respect to security and privacy in cloud computing.

Along with resource virtualization, cloud will be capable to deliver computing resources and even services in pay-as-you-go mode. These computing services will be listed under Infra-structure-as-a-service Iaas , Platform-as-a-service Paas and software-as-a-service SaaS.

The officially display information examining plans come with number of properties, potential risks and inefficiency like security risks in authorized auditing requests and futher there still inefficiency exits in the activity of processing of small updates. In this technical paper, we turn our focus on better support for tiny dynamic updates, which futher benefits the scalability and efficiency of a cloud storage server.

In order to attain this, Our scheme employs a flexible data segmentation strategy and also ranked merkle hash tree RMHT. By the time, we shall throw an effort to provide a solution for potential security problem in supporting public verifiability further to raise the sheme efficiency to further more level of secure and robust, which can be achieved by addition of an additional authorization process within the three participating parties of client, CSS and third-party auditor TPA.

The notable contributions of this technically proposed paper can be summarized as follows: Considering from the best of our knowledge, we are the first to be listed out in representing a public auditing scheme that is based on BLS signature and Merkle hash tree MHT which holds the capability to support fine-grained update requests. On a comparison with existing schemes, the scheme presented from our ends supports updates with a size that is not restricted by the size of file blocks, hence provides extra flexibility and scalability compared to existing schemes.

Likewise, we propose a further improvement for our plan to make it more suitable for this circumstance than existing plans.

Contrasted with existing plans, both hypothetical examination and exploratory results show that our altered plan can altogether lower communication overheads. It has been one of the most frequently raised concerns.

The user must facilitate with security guarantees for the data outsourced by user, which is now under the maintainace of third parties. A design and implement FADE, and secure overlay cloud storage system that achieves fine-grained, policy-based access control and file assured deletion. It associates out sourced files with file access policies, and assuredly deletes file to make them unrecoverable to anyone upon revocations of file access policies.

To achieve such security goals, FADE is built upon a set of cryptographic key operations that are self-maintained by a Quorum of key managers that are independent of third-party clouds. Cloud storage is new business for remote backups outsourcing, as it offers an abstraction of infinite storage space for clients to host data backups in pay-as-you go manner.

Related work on cloud security and Access Control New business solution for the purpose remote backup out sourcing by name cloud storage has been defined, as it comes with features like abstraction of infinite storage space for clients to host data backups in pay-as-you-go manner. One among the current methodologies is time based file guaranteed deletion.

The principle thought is that a document is scrambled with an information key by the proprietor of the record, and this information key is further encode with a control key by different key administrator that is in charge of cryptographic key administrator. The control key is time based, implies it will be totally uprooted by the key administrator after reaching the termination, where the close time is indicated then the document is initially announced.

It fuses the properties of the traditional computing technology such as grid, parallel and distributed computing and so on. Here the main purpose of the cloud computing s to come up with high performance computing system for the customers facilitating the low cost without depending on the own infrastructure. The cloud present the various level of services, which are offered via the internet, there is a good deal of uncertainty about security and privacy at various level are arises.

Security Threats and challenges In cloud Network Level: The security system level, on a compulsory part we ought to separate in the middle of open and private mists. As private cloud foundation goes inside the association limits, the client has more control over the cloud framework.

This demonstrates that there is no space for new assaults or vulnerabilities in private cloud. Threats pertaining to cloud computing at the host level are directly related to virtualization vulnerabilities such as VM escape, threats to hypervisor due to weak access control caused in public cloud environment.

Iaas Host level security The accompanying are the host level security issues identified with Iaas. Hypervisor can be characterized as a programming which empowers the virtualization. The most vital thing in broad daylight cloud environment is to guarantee the respectability and accessibility of the hypervisor all through its whole life cycle. In a distributed computing model, to give border security like firewall in a virtual domain can be said as intricate movement than in an ordinary system in the light of the fact that a percentage of the virtual server may speak to outside a firewall.

This will be the obligation of the administration supplier. Despite the fact that the cloud host is considered within the edge go, the aggressor inside the border may hack the frame work. Iaas clients have complete access to the virtualized visitor VMs which are facilitated and separated by hypervisor programming. Along these lines the Iaas client are considered for security administration of the visitor VM. Cloud administration supplier starts the client to utilize SSH private Keys that are used to get to and oversee virtual occasion.

Further this can be killed by putting away the private keys on the framework in a scrambled structure. Privacy ConvernIn cloud There are some consideration with respect to privacy in cloud are storage, retention destruction, regulatory compliance, auditing and monitoring and privacy breaches. To distinguish where the clients information is put away and in which area information centers taking rest are made obscure from the client.

The clients touchy information once moved to cloud, the inquiry emerges that to what extent that dwells in the cloud, what sort maintenance arrangements is used to deal with that information and who actualize this approach in the cloud.

Soon after the retention period, the user personal information must be deleted from the provider storage. If multiple copies are maintained to make sure the availability of the data that replicated copies should be removed from the respective server. A major concern comes into picture when the organization need to ensure all these things is performed correctly. These are the real protection worry that the customer can thing about it before moving to cloud.

The buyer ought to peruse the term of administration and protection approach altogether before they put their touchy information to cloud and they ought to attempt to abstain from putting the data that ought to be avoided private prosecute.

Current Security solution in cloud Many research works concentrated over providing solutions in order to overcome the various security issues discussed in the cloud computing context.

Further to address the cloud strand issues, several cloud organizations join their hands together in addition to maintain a standard of common platform that make sure the interoperability of various cloud provider services. The cloud standard coordination is a Wikipedia that comprises details of several cloud standard organization.

Introduction The twenty-first century observed the information and computer revolution; empowering people to have instant communication and permitting them in carrying out activities using computers. The use of the computer is not limited to a single or specific industry and its use would be seen in all the industries or sectors.

Presently, we are living in a world wherein nearly everyone has heard about computer technology and over sixty percent of people have information on its usage. We can now find laptops or computers in shops, homes, educational institutions, ticket counters, and so on Daily Alert, It is important to have an understanding of some important terms used in the field of computer technology.

This essay will provide an understanding of the various terms involving the Internet such as, web browser, URL, Wi-Fi, network, firewalls, email, phishing, malware, and more.

Internet The internet, in simple terms, occasionally called as…… [Read More]. Mid Term Questions Evaluation. However, much as improvements in hardware and software have made the advent of big data usage possible, the only consideration is not technology.

It is important for organizations to take very holistic approaches to integrate big data into every aspect of their business procedures, their daily operations, and strategies.

Big data brings both challenges and opportunities to every business. To be able to obtain value for big data, it is important to carry out timely analysis of the data, and the result must be such that can influence important business decisions and bring about positive changes.

Having the appropriate combination of people, technology, and processes determine the overall effectiveness. Key processes, roles, and functions are optimized by analytics. It can…… [Read More]. Cracking the Code the Contemporary Issue of. Whether a business needs to maintain network security for a website or server, or an organization needs to restrict access to a server room, there are several aspects facing the problem of dealing with IT security. Therefore, IT professionals tasked to handle IT security, must base their foundation or overall strategy in IT security management on the physical security of software, hardware, and equipment.

Some organizations forget the importance of physical security in an IT security setting may become distracted by the safeguarding features of certain software-based security merchandise and overlook the significance of protecting the network and…… [Read More].

Predicting the Future of Medical Health Records. Predicting the Future of Medical Health Records Predict the form and function of medical health records in provide specific example to support your response. With the advent of digital databases used to store vast amounts of medical information, health histories, and vital statistics for millions of patients across America, a concept known on the local level as electronic medical recordkeeping EMR , and collectively forming the electronic health record EHR , the delivery of healthcare services has undergone a rapid transformation during the last two decades.

The traditional clipboard and paper chart carried by physicians and nurses, which held an often indecipherable maze of pencil-etched recordings made throughout a patient's stay, has since been replaced in many modern healthcare facilities by the iPad and other handheld computer tablet devices. Banks of unwieldy filing cabinets, each storing hundreds of individual patient files, have vanished in the private practices and doctor's offices of…… [Read More].

Cross Platform Mobile and Web. Both desktop and Web widgets have the same basic components. Fundamentally, they use Web compatible formats, even if intended to run in a desktop environment. Alternatively, the widget content can be created using Flash, although this may limit its use on some mobile devices.

The content is contained within an XML file that provides essential metadata about the widget, such as its name, version, language, etc. The third component of most widgets is JavaScript, which is used to provide the programming logic behind any interactivity in the widget. To make widgets run in different environments typically necessitates only changing elements of the metadata contained in the XML file.

There are sites such as Wix. It Solutions to Coach Inc. Again, it is not simply good enough to have a policy that addresses the need for a broad, systematic outline of changes to the telecommunications network, such as is the case with Coach, Inc. But rather, it is imperative this policy address both the broad policy issues strategies and the daily integrations of this new policies within various aspects of the organization tactical MILLER The third component of this methodology will focus on the training aspect of integrating a newly designed telecommunication strategy within the whole of the organization.

Specifically, this section's theme will revolve around the central question of "Is the user manual easy to understand and does the user manual include a brief description of the application or system and input instructions? Information Systems Management Information Systems. Cloud computing is a trend in technology providing cost control and real agility business benefits. Nevertheless, services based on cloud computing are currently floating outside privacy and security standards, which is likely to be decades old thus failing to address concerns such as shared tenancy and virtualization Gibson, Similarly, cloud computing comes with more challenges; providers of cloud services are likely to outsource third party experts and if such links are not secure, they have high chances of influencing the entire security level of cloud computing.

In extreme occasions, other services provided by cloud, such as resource sharing and multi-tenancy have chances of introducing what is commonly known as class breaks if the mechanisms separating routing, memory and storage may fail.

In the end, doors to data theft, invalidated assurance levels, and service disruptions may be opened for both the clients and the providers of cloud services Gibson, Incorporating Technology into Logistics Management. What advances in telecommunications technology do you view as being most beneficial to logistics management?

A smartphone is most beneficial because of the features that it has and its functionality. A smartphone makes communication easier and readily accessible in that one can receive, read, and send emails.

Logistics management applications can be installed in a smartphone allowing for easy data transmission. Discuss the importance of timely and accurate information to a logistics information system. Timely information would ensure that the logistics information system is up-to-date with the current status regarding the items being transported.

In as much as the system delivers timely information, it is vital that the information be also accurate. Accurate information…… [Read More]. Supply Chain Improvements for Dts. Organizations like DTS that aid the DOD in various processes requires consistent, effective, and continual management of things like inventory and delivery.

That is why examining ways to improve the supply chain must be addressed. One way to address this issue is seeing how other companies or similar organizations handle their supply chain demands. Best practices mean collection of information from organizations or companies that perform a certain task or adopt a strategy effectively. The supply chain and supply chain management must be examined and through research into best practices of other organizations and business in relation to supply chain may yield favorable results.

Technology is a way to improve the…… [Read More]. The application of game theory involves analyzing situations wherein players respond differently according to the actions of other players in an effort to maximize their payouts. For instance, according to Wei, Vasilakos, Zheng and Xiong , "Game theory studies the problems in which players maximize their returns which depend also on actions of other players" p. Because countless human experiences involve this type of analysis, it is not surprising that game theory has been applied to a wide range of scenarios that involve identifying optimal decision-making processes.

In this regard, Wei et al. Competitive Strategies of Google and Microsoft the. Comparing the Brilliant, Competitive Cultures of Google and Microsoft Both Microsoft and Google have emerged as catalysts of remarkable growth in the high technology industry.

Each of these companies have a very unique, finely-tuned series of strategies for managing the innovation processes, including the steps each rely on for creating new services.

Each also has shown remarkable success at delivering exceptional disruptive innovations in their core markets and globally across the consumer markets as well. This inevitable track record of success isn't an accident; there is a fierce level of intensity and competitiveness both within the company cultures themselves and across their vast, global ecosystems of suppliers, customers and shareholders.

And both of these companies are looking to dominate the lucrative online advertising business models now showing the potential to be multibillion dollar businesses over time Finkle,…… [Read More]. Various smart vehicle and smart highway technologies and systems offer tremendous potential for improving road and vehicular safety.

The lack of global consensus on what to call smart driving and smart highways reflects the burgeoning nature and broad gamut of technologies that need to be further developed and integrated into standardized systems. Evaluating Strategic Options at Microsoft. Microsoft Strategy Analyzing Microsoft's Current and Future Strategic Vision Like many successful technology companies, Microsoft over time had become complacent and too willing to believe their own technologies could continually fuel new organic revenue growth.

Analysts have often pointed out that Microsoft's transition from a provider of personal productivity applications to delivering enterprise-class solutions to many of the Fortune failed initially to create a scalable, stable platform for continual growth Cusumano, Today Microsoft has a new CEO who often speaks of the company's mobile first, cloud first strategy.

CEO Satya Nadella's agenda mirrors the foundational elements of the five forces that shape industry competition as conceptualized by Michael Porter's models and analysis Porter, et. Microsoft needed to completely revamp their enterprise strategy, rethink their mission and vision statements, and also sharpen their unique value proposition to concentrate more fully on the emergent group of enterprise customers they had…… [Read More].

Comparison of Business Restructuring. Change management, restructuring as well as reorganization are all procedures and practices that are signified by the fact that they evaluate and assess the prevailing structures with the main intent of changing such processes by means of targeted and categorical interventions.

This in particular takes place within the organization during its changing aspects. The decisions which are made are evaluated and assessed with mainly high doubts as a result of the scrutiny of procedures and structures. One distinguishing aspect of all kinds of organizational change processes is the directness and sincerity of the subsequent results.

Even though, it is regarding purposely designed interventions, the intricacy and complication is very extreme to…… [Read More]. Cloud computing use cases white paper. Retrieved February 3, from http: It breaks down the technology very thoroughly, with how it can be used in a wide number of scenarios, from giant enterprise systems to private use.

It introduces elements of hybrid cloud systems. Most importantly, it discusses how businesses can use cloud computing from a practical sense, working it in to their strategies and explaining it to their customers. It is an amazing reference to all aspects of this new and continuingly developing technology. American Psychological Association Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 6th edition. This book is crucial for researching and writing in a professional, modern context.

It provides the…… [Read More]. Windows XP to Windows 7. This will not only create a higher level of trust in the actual implementation, it will also set the foundation for more effective ongoing support for these users if they have any problems with the systems once they are installed. An effective change management strategy is as important, if not more important, than the technology upgrade and implementation plan itself Gil, Tether, In implementing any it Project the concept of scope creep must also be addressed immediately during the initial planning stages of the project.

This is the single greatest factor in the failure of large-scale it projects because it derails the key planning components and structure of any it effort from the original expectations of the systems' users. Scope creep can also redefine the entire platform of a system if left unchecked. Studies suggest that the larger a given project, the greater the potential for scope creep as…… [Read More]. Meaningful Use of Data.

The primary objectives that lie at the heart of the system is to improve patient outcomes, safety, efficiencies, patient engagement, improved coordination, and public health outcomes in general among many other objectives. There are several components that are included in the electronic health records EHR initiative and there are also different stages of the implementation stages 1 and 2.

This analysis will provide an overview of the Meaningful Use objectives as well as a discussion about possible inclusions of various criteria that could strengthen the implementation in general. Analyzing a Research on Defense Transportation System. It involves interrelationships, procedures, and resources of a number of federal, Department of Defense DoD , non- U. Foreign Military Sales or FMS constitutes a critical tool in the nation's security interests and in the promotion of its foreign policy.

In the past ten years, FMS contracts have been steadily growing in number. This may be achieved through best practice integration into the System. Prudent Retaliation to Failure.

Policy Creation It is critical for organizations to develop and readily have available an incident response policy to address their various business and information technology needs. There are a couple of pivotal factors to account for in such a policy. These include various aspects of creating and maintaining an incident response team, business continuity planning, and a disaster recovery processes.

Perhaps one of the most encouraging facets of engendering such a plan is that there are myriad developments within the IT space that can help to facilitate many of the components of these three aspects of this policy. Specifically, there are a number of options involving Cloud computing and data replication, as well as remote Software Oriented Architecture and services delivered through the cloud that can help to make such a policy effective if it ever requires implementation. The utilization of cloud computing and its many services, in addition to…… [Read More].

SAP is second globally with There are many factors contributing to SAP trailing Salesforce. Samsung Electronics is the largest producer of mobile phones, LCD panels, semiconductors, and televisions in the world.

Owned by the Chinese global business conglomerate Samsung Group and with its headquarters in Suwon, South Korea, Samsung has manufacturing facilities and sales operations in more than 80 countries across the globe. This paper discusses a number of strategic aspects relating to Samsung. The paper specifically determines the impact of the company's mission, vision, and primary stakeholders on its overall success, analyses the company's competitive environment five forces force analysis as well as its internal and external environment SWOT analysis, and discusses the various levels and types of strategies the firm may use to maximise its competitiveness and profitability.

Also, the paper outlines a communications plan the company could use to communicate its strategies to its key stakeholders, evaluates two corporate governance mechanisms used by the firm, and assesses the firm's leadership and…… [Read More].

Executive Compensation Has Become Both. Out of the previous two CEO's, Apotheker has by far the most experience. What more intriguing is that he has experience with both the entrepreneurial and corporate aspects of business? This provides a competitive advantage for HP as it has further know how in regards to new venture planning. It can also recognize viable new enterprises better as a result of the knowledge gained from Apotheker. Finally, Apotheker has extensive international experience which is of extreme importance in our global economic environment.

This again can be utilized for HP's benefit in the future, as Apotheker undoubtedly has extensive international contacts to help his business.

With Apotheker extensive experience, I would venture to say that HP will move internationally. This in my opinion would a large priority as its U. As a result, many companies are battling to attract the same customers. This corporate warfare…… [Read More]. Statistics -- Watson-Durbin Analysis of.

Again, the presidential campaign acted as a catalyst for technology adoption, and led to first-time social networking users getting online. It also led to existing users creating additional profiles as well. On the third most significant variable in determining the effects of social networks on which candidate would eventually win Q Do you have a single profile on each site, or do you have multiple profiles on one web site?

Provides the most fascinating data from the three variables included in the analysis. Notice that the distribution of results is bifurcated from one spectrum to the other. The mean value of this variable is 1. Company Level Summarize the Economics. Yet, they are also illustrating how they face tremendous amounts of competition in the industry. Part of the reason for this is because, of shifts in demand and the ability of new rivals to quickly enter the field.

As a result, the company must be able to capitalize upon these changes, in order to maintain their domination. Framework for Strategic Analysis In the case of HP, there are a number of different issues that must be analyzed to determine the overall strengths of the company strategically speaking.

This involves, examining various elements to include: These different elements are important, because they will tell you how quickly the company is adapting to the…… [Read More]. Database Security Over the Last. Weaknesses The article Survey on Database Security; highlights the most pressing issues that could be facing an organization someone from within who could have access to the data. Where, this strength points out a situation that many it managers are overlooking.

However, the weakness of the article is that it points out the problem, while at the same time saying there is no effective solution. In many ways this is the equivalent of point out a fire and then not having the tools to put it out. Ponemon, The article How to Secure Sensitive Data in a Cloud Environment; highlights how many businesses are turning to virtual networks to perform many functions.

The biggest strengths of the article are: The main weakness of the article is that…… [Read More]. These building blocks have been the underlying force that IBM has relied upon over the years in order to build its business and meet the needs of its customers. Since its inception, IBM has been a technology company and it used to focus on hardware, software, and service agreements. These fall under the computer building block. With the advancement of technology, the company was forced to adapt to the changing times and they are now focused on storage especially in the cloud.

Cloud computing has been the best solution that most businesses have been opting for due the advantages they…… [Read More]. Information Security Model and Cyber Terrorism. Here we plan to explore the risk that is most difficult to defend: We seek answers to the human elements and characteristics that contribute to the frauds and how they themselves unwittingly give out information that eventually leads to difficult situations.

There are many ways in which the attackers 'phish' their targets. We will look into the origin of such techniques and proceed to develop a methodology to avert such attacks. In the highly computerized environment that we are living, a new method of multitenant services has been evolved to substitute for the demands on memory space and time- the Cloud. The impact of these vast and complex systems has raised newer kinds of concerns that will then be assessed and hence a strategy to safeguard the interests of the user because…… [Read More].

Initiated only six years ago, Dropbox has experienced significant growth, and available data shows that the target market of corporate customers and consumers active aged between 25 and 45 would want to not only get involved in the Dropbox digital world, but also be assured of the security of their stored files.

In addition, the company plans to explore opportunities for Android and upcoming Mac versions. The marketing environment…… [Read More]. Internet and Global Finance Strategies. Internet and Global Finance Strategies Within the present competitive business environment, firms are continuously looking for various strategies to be ahead of their competitors and achieve competitive market advantages.

Many firms have identified that internet technology is a powerful tool to enhance competitive market advantages. The traditional organizations have identified that internet is a powerful tool to deliver value to customer and presently, the internet technology has enabled firms to coordinate and interact their value chain activities to customer with the objective of improving financial performances.

These changes generally refer to as NBT Net-based business transformation. The net-based business transformation is the substitution of traditional business operations from paper, fax and telephone-based communication into electronic business transactions with the objective to enhance tighter coordination with customer and suppliers, increase inventory turnover, enhance customer satisfaction, and improve time-to-market.

Despite the potential benefits of internet to the improvement of firms' financial performances,…… [Read More]. Expensive Security Software for Pcs. What I like particularly about this set of requirements is the backup suggestion. While one might take great pains to protect one's machine and actions by means of software, there is always the possibility that something may go fatally wrong.

Hence, it is vital to back up one's work in order to ensure that it remains safe, regardless of any dangers to the computer itself. In this segment, I believe that the suggestion of parental control is vitally important. With the increasingly free availability of information on the Internet, children have much more access to questionable material than the case was in the past. This means that it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that they are safe.

In a household with children, this is therefore a very important component. What kind of cryptography is being developed for cloud computing? It is important to know this…… [Read More].

Legislation Protecting Privacy in the. Such practices are guided by certain principles: These principles have been at the heart of privacy legislation since the Privacy Act of Dep't of Homeland Security. For example, the CDT advocates for consumer privacy legislation that regulates both the online and offline data collection and management practices by advertisers and that authorizes the Federal Trade Commission to make regulations specifically targeted at these practices.

IBM is a globally integrated technology and consulting firm. It specializes in computer hardware, software, and Information Technology.

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Keywords: cloud computing benefits, cloud computing essay. Abstract. This paper explores cloud computing and its merits and de-merits which may help an organization in taking a wise decision either in favor of it or against it. Cloud computing is the buzz word now in the field of information technology.

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Example of cloud computing. A good example of cloud computing in use today would be the google cloud platform. The google cloud platform offers various services such as .

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Cloud Computing Essay Cloud computing is the concept, according to which the programs run and produce results in the window of a standard Web browser on your PC, and all applications and data needed for work are situated on a remote server on the Internet. Definition Cloud computing is a computing platform for the next generation of the Internet. The essay defines clouds, explains the business benefits of cloud computing, and outlines cloud architecture and its major components. A Cloud Computing platform dynamically provisions, configures, reconfigures, and deprovisions servers as per the need.

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(Results Page 4) View and download cloud computing essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your cloud computing essay. Essay: Cloud computing, cloud storage LITERATURE SURVEY For through development of the system, it is needed to go through each and every technical aspect related to it.